Office infrastructure


LOGIC ICT Just1Office -  Totally Managed IT and telecoms      
  Component Description     Benefits
  Hosted mailbox Microsoft Exchange mailbox
Microsoft Outlook 2007 client
1GB mailbox size
    Hosted email service
This is the same as we use ourselves at Logic ICT
  BES or Windows Mobile  Live synchronisation of email,
calendar, address book
and task list 
    Full synchronisation in real time of email, calendar, address book etc.  Make a change on your Blackberry or Windows Mobile device and it is immediately and automatically replicated in your Outlook on your computer, even if the computer is switched off.  And vice verse.
File server        
  Basic file server 1000 GB of storage
held in our data centre
unlimited users
   pay per Terabyte
    Allows you to store and share documents.
Files are stored off site in a secure data centre and we back them up every night
You can access the documents from anywhere. 
  Company Intranet
Intranet site
file server
   pay per user
    More sophisticated file storage with useful version and authoring controls.  Also, powerful group notice-board and other collaboration tools
  Mobile telephone  750 incl minutes
mobile data (see above)
handset choice of Blackberry, iPhone
or Windows Mobile enabled smart phone
Min 24 month contract
    Based on a standard O2 or Vodafone contract.    The mobile contract is integrated with the BES/Windows Mobile feature described above
  Data SIM & USB modem
for laptop
      Allows you to go online from your laptop whilst on the move
  Standard 15" laptop
Windows, MS Office
Laptop of customer's choice
surcharge may apply for certain laptops
Base model is Dell E5400 14" Windows XP/Vista/7
Microsoft Office 2007 Pro
Min 24 month contract
    We own and manage the laptop and provide full support 24/7. We ask that you do not install games on it and that you leave it connected onliine whenever you are not travelling.  This allows us to carry out housekeeping on it overnight.
If you get stuck, you can ask us to take control of it so we can fix it or show you how to do stuff
  Automated backup service Data backed up each night     part of the essential housekeeping.
  Logic warranty service replacement on loss or damage
customer data restored as at last automatic backup
    With this option, if you damage or lose the laptop, we will replace it and load up your data that we collected during the last automated backup - normally collected the previous evening.
Home office        
  Logic Business broadband includes BT line & router     For your home office.  You use this broadband link to access the Internet and receive your emails; we use it to carry your phone calls and to maintain your computer(s)
  Telephone Business telephone system with:
voicemail, short code dialling
Caller Line Presentation
dial from Outlook
desk phone in the office and
SoftPhone on the laptop
Min 24 month contract
    This is a full feature business system. You can use either a desk phone or a SoftPhone running on your computer or both.  You can also set up your mobile phone to accept calls made to your office phone so that you only need to publish one number. The number can be on any BT exchange in the UK, regardless of where you are actually located.